Existing Members

Existing Members

OCN Credit4Learning are constantly listening to your feedback in order to develop ways in which we can further support our members. There are a number of changes that have recently taken place with the intention to establish a flexible framework of working which ensures that the learners, and hence your needs as providers, remain the central focus.

Because the nature of our members’ programmes design and delivery is now so diverse (private industry concerns through to social inclusion projects) we have shaped much of our recent practice with this in mind.

The days of a ‘one size fits all’ are long gone and we are firm believers in innovative and creative delivery and design.  As a result, we are now providing more than one route to the certification of your learners, reflecting flexible approaches designed to incorporate the specific requirements of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss this further.

External moderation models will operate in a different manner to previous years so that there is a shift away from reliance on over complicated paperwork and processes to complete the certification of your learners.

Our team of Programme Development Advisers can assist you in course design and validation supported by our team of programme writers and, as always, efficiently underpinned by our administration team.

OCN Credit4Learning’s Programme Development Team will advise on memberships, recognition panels and certification and explain the process of learner registration.