Programme Development

Programme Development

Programme Development Advisers are available to assist you in the development of new or existing training programmes and/or CPD. In addition to this there is a range of writing services available at OCN Credit4Learning from short units of learning through to complete design of whole training programmes.

Whilst we actively encourage you to work alongside us to write your existing training material, we do also provide a full advice and writing service which offers the option of us writing your existing training into ‘panel ready’ design allowing you to be confident that the programmes you present at our Recognition Panels will meet the quality assurance standards necessary for accreditation.

By utilising our Programme Development and/or consultancy advice it is also possible to have initial programme ideas fully designed and written for you.

We also offer a number of programmes which are already fully developed and validated in a variety of sector specialisms.

This is an exciting and dynamic aspect of the organisation and you will find new sample courses are added continuously in line with demand.