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OCN Credit4Learning is an Accrediting Organisation which supports providers who deliver training and educational programmes to learners of varying skills, experience and ambitions.

The recognition of bespoke training and learning is a speciality of ours and one of the main facets of our organisation is the provision of a bespoke accreditation service that reflects both the needs of the learner and the learning provider.  This is facilitated by our innovative and supportive approach which ensures we can provide a service that meets the high quality assurance standards necessary for formal accreditation whilst ensuring you retain the learning objectives.
Over the years we have developed relationships with independent training companies, training communities, trade unions, commercial training providers, public, private and third sector organisations as well as prisons, and academic institutions.
In addition to our accreditation work we are also a QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) licensed AVA (Access Validation Agency), this involves the validation of Access to Higher Education Diploma courses.  Our work as an AVA is an important part of our ethos of seeking to remove barriers to learning. The quality assurance and validation that OCN Credit4Learning provides, helps entry into Higher Education for students pursuing courses that are an alternative to mainstream routes into university. In addition to promoting good practice, and quality assurance, Access programmes can, and do make a real difference to communities that are often under represented at Higher Education.



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    Disclaimer: OCN Credit4Learning is a registered charity and has no political, religious or commercial affiliations. It does not promote or endorse any such views, policies or opinions of its members and is not responsible for any aspect of the content of any member's website or other publically promulgated material.