Become a Learner

Become a Learner

By choosing a course accredited by OCN Credit4Learning you can be confident that the training you receive has been mapped to national academic standards and has been thoroughly scrutinised through all processes leading to OCNCredit4Learning recognition.

It is also reassuring to know that as a member of OCN Credit4Learning the training provider is externally moderated, which reinforces the quality of the overall learning experience for yourself.  Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a hologrammed certificate with nationally recognised credits, levels and unique reference number.

This is important, as it gives the course you have just completed an external currency and a recognition which differentiates your course and certificate from ‘certificates of attendance’ due to the external quality assurance that accredited courses provide.

 Click here to download a sample certificate

If you do not receive this version please contact OCNCredit4Learning immediately by either mailing or telephoning 01494 549150 . Your inquiry will be looked after in the strictest confidence.

Lost your Certificate?

If you have lost your certificate then you may be able to obtain a replacement (depending on the year of achievement). Please contact your place of learning in the first instance


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