What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. It is not a new term. Continuous Professional Development simply refers to those activities which help to develop the professional in their line of work. Development may range from formal training through to reading a relevant article through to attending meetings and seminars.

Any training organisation can link their own staff training to CPD. It has been done for years.

What organisations offer external CPD points?

There are many organisations who offer external CPD points. There are specialist organisations who focus exclusively on their sector and others that take a more generic approach. On the whole these organisations link the activity to the hours of learning and translate those hours into points.

Why CPD through OCNCredit4Learning?

In many cases it is not necessary to evidence CPD once you have a fully accredited course. OCNCredit4Learning have a legal constitution dating back to the 1980’s to operate as such. Our background as a formal Accrediting Body rests upon us being leading figures in the original discussions and developments of credit based learning. We will not encourage you to take additional CPD verification with us if it is not completely necessary.

Remember, CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. This is a generic term. It may even be the case that you do not need any external accreditation in any shape or form in order to link your own training to CPD points. Proper Accreditation of course helps to support the quality of your training and therefore supports the evidence of that training content. It is important that you decide, through being properly informed, whether or not Accreditation with us is both desirable and or/necessary to your organisation. OCNCredit4Learning does not sell to you. We discuss these areas with you.

If you decide that you wish, or need, to show additional CPD points we can support you in linking your training to the right formula and provide individual CPD certification. This can be done in line with full accreditation or, in some cases, as stand alone CPD Certification. The process for this remains simple and cost effective.