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With a background in education stretching back to the 1980s, OCN Credit4Learning is a long established not for profit making educational charity working to improve the quality of education across the UK.

Become a Member

In essence this means that your learners will receive nationally recognised certificates providing an objective process of quality assurance through being moderated by an independent body.

OCN Credit4Learning provides a supportive moderation service, which is based on trust, encouragement and a shared focus on the welfare of the learner rather than any prohibitive focus.
When you become a member we will discuss with you your internal quality procedures to embed a process which can allow us to moderate your training. The aim of moderation is to support you, and support the whole accreditation process, as it is only once your course has been moderated that you are fully accredited.
As with programme development, moderation is bespoke, and you will find our moderators highly skilled and genuinely supportive.
Accrediting a course with OCN Credit4Learning is straightforward, and you would receive the full support of our team to enable you to achieve this. We have developed a user friendly process, which makes the process of accrediting courses both rewarding and accessible. Basically the process is as follows:
1. Join as members
2. Select/develop courses that you want to accredit
3. Prepare an overview of the course materials (with support or indeed a full writing service)
4. Submit to Recognition Panel
5. Deliver course
6. Register learners
You are then ready to start delivering your Accredited Programme. Once you have registered your learners you will be allocated an External Moderator who will visit your organisation each year to support and ensure your delivery meets the requirements and standards which we have agreed with you at panel.
To discuss this further please complete the form below or you can email us at

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