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With a background in education stretching back to the 1980s, OCN Credit4Learning is a long established not for profit making educational charity working to improve the quality of education across the UK.


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    Our User Friendly Quality Assurance Service

    Is the Accreditation process tedious, labourious and cumbersome? This is a question that is often asked by people interested in exploring accreditation for their training services. The good news is that working with OCN Credit4Learning is very straightforward, supportive and user friendly. Our promise, is that a member of our team will work closely with you throughout the whole Accreditation process and beyond, making sure that the accreditation of your programmes is actually an enjoyable achievement for you and your organisation.

    You work hard to develop your courses, therefore you should get recognition for this via our Accreditation, OCN Credit4Learning ONLY work directly with members, and never via third parties/middle men, and this is really important for both your development as a training provider and quality assurance. It is an essential part of the service, it ensures the following:

    • You, as a training provider receive total support from OCN Credit4Learning
    • Your courses receive proper quality assurance
    • Your name appears on the certificates as the training provider
    • Your learner receives an authentic certificate complete with a hologramme and unique reference number that can easily be verified.
    • Ensures that you will pay the lowest possible cost for working with OCN Credit4Learning as there are no middle men/third parties to pay.

    If you are a training provider, educator or learner, and would like to find out more about all of the above, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you...please get in touch:

    T: 01494 549150


    ISO 9001 Certified

    OCN Credit4Learning are proud once again to have achieved ISO 9001 certification. As an ISO 9001 certified organisation we have implemented a Quality Management System that has met the requirements for all areas of the business, including:

    • Facilities
    • People
    • Training
    • Services
    • Equipment
    This is the third year in a row that we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification. We are pleased to report that at the external audit inspection in March 2017,no major or minor non-conformities with the standards were identified.
    The system we have applied has proven to be a real benefit to our members and helps us meet our SLA’s with great success.


    Certificate Verification

    OCN Credit4Learning are always happy to verify any learners certificate. If you are an organisation or an individual seeking to confirm the authenticity of a certificate with the OCN Credit4Learning logo on it, please get in touch and we will happily check and confirm it's legitimacy.

    Contact us:
    T: 01494 549150


    New office

    OCN Credit4learning Birmingham address:

    Office 1, Izabella House
    24-26 Regent Place
    City Centre
    B1 3NJ

    The Head Office details are still the same:

    Nash House
    Repton Place
    White Lion Road
    HP7 9LP


    CPD with OCN Credit4Learning

    Lots of enquiries from members seeking advice on CPD, so just to clarify:

    All courses accredited by OCN Credit4Learning can be used to evidence CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

    CPD is a process whereby organisations can record and evidence training, skills and learning, both formally and informally, creating a framework to record and monitor Professional Development.

    Many occupations require people to continuously engage in learning and development and keep up to date with new practices and skills in their field. Training accredited by OCN Credit4Learning can be extremely useful in supporting the development of that upskilling and recording process

    Courses accredited by OCN Credit4Learning are not of a ‘one size fits all’ nature, they are much more specific for the learner’s needs and requirements, mapped to national academic standards, certificated and externally quality assured.

    Any further questions please let us know.

    If you do not currently work with OCNCredit4Learning and would like to find out more about how we can work with you to develop and accredit your training then please do get in touch.


    International Challenges and Opportunities

    Brexit. It’s currently the hottest topic in politics, and we at OCN Credit4Learning, whilst maintaining our usual political impartiality before, during and after the referendum have been keenly following the political debate.

    Britain’s future relationship with Europe, and indeed the world is of interest to all of us, but will any of this have any bearing on the fortunes of our members?

    This week, the Prime Minister outlined her plans and approach to the upcoming Brexit negotiations, it can be summarised, as the UK will leave the EU, Single Market and Customs Union and seek a bilateral agreement with the EU on trade issues in the near future. Indeed, the UK will be seeking bilateral trade agreements with countries all over the world, and this could provide opportunities, not just for big business, but more nimble and niche players.

    Higher Education Institutions are amongst those most perturbed by the withdrawal from the EU, as it has the potential to disrupt funding for research projects, and the annual inward flow of international students from the continent, and this has made plenty of headlines. However, what about the small niche players in the education and training field?

    We at OCN Credit4Learning have a long track record of supporting bespoke and niche training and development, and have accredited many courses that are delivered not just in the UK, but in Europe and beyond. One thing that will remain consistent, despite all the political turmoil, and talk of ‘uncharted waters’ etc., is that the English education ‘brand’ remains strong and attractive internationally, and this will not change over the next few years, new opportunities may emerge for educational services overseas, and as we do at present, OCN Credit4Learning will support innovative training organisations in developing services that are attractive and effective and can be delivered overseas.

    OCN Credit4Learning, continues to successfully work with training providers who work in both the UK and international arenas, and we can support others who may want to deliver innovative and flexible educational services benefitting from an English based Accreditation.

    If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.


    Admins 100% SLAs Achievement!

    As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to reflect on some of the development this year, over the coming weeks.

    On a positive note, a new administration team are now in place and have been working extremely hard to meet all member requests. Each member of the new administration team brings their own experience and expertise and it is these attributes that are proving valuable for OCN Credit4Learning and meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) set out when an organisation becomes a member.

    OCN Credit4Learning are very proud of the fact that when replying to member’s requests, processing certificates or carrying out recognition panel work, we are currently at 100% in meeting our SLA’s and this achievement goes a long way in giving piece of mind to members and a knowledge that whatever they request, it will be done quickly, efficiently and professionally.

    If you would like to find out more information about becoming a member and receive the excellent service OCN Credit4Learning provides then please get in touch.


    First Forum hailed a ‘great and rewarding experience’

    On Friday 4th November 2016 we hosted our first sector specific forum inviting keynote speakers from non-member organisations and OCN Credit4learning members to share their stories, knowledge, and experiences. The organisations present had an amazing wealth of expertise, which ensured a really vibrant and buzzy atmosphere developed, with lots of ideas shared, and opportunities to network appearing.

    Often, it’s easy for people to become trapped in ‘their own box,’ thus, having an opportunity to meet others in the field, and share experiences and practices is very precious, as people rarely get a glimpse into the workings of other organisations, and the forum provided an environment that was open and friendly.

    This event proved to be a huge success, and as the day progressed people spoke about personal and life experiences as well as their own organisation. The overwhelming feeling of the event was emotive and thought-provoking, whilst also motivating for all those in attendance to carry on with their valuable and worthwhile work of empowering and supporting learners.

    OCN Credit4learning also reported at the forum on the important projects it was involved in with members, and also exciting news about the future of the OCN Credit4learning and what it can offer.

    OCN Credit4learning are proud to hold such events, and very much looking forward to holding further forums in the future, we will always support our members in whatever way we can, and events such as this forum demonstrate the additional value that membership of OCN Credit4Learning can bring.

    If you want to find out more, please get in touch.

    Tracey Bush
    OCN credit4learning
    T: 07824 359 218


    Legal Disclosure relating to our Trademark dispute with a previous partner.


    In the action brought by the educational charity NOCN (formerly National Open College Network) in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (‘IPEC’) against the educational charity, OCN Credit4Learning, to prevent the latter from using the acronym OCN, the name OCN Credit4Learning, its domain name and a specific logo (the ‘Defendant’s Logo’), the  Court determined that:
    (a)     NOCN’s registration of the acronym OCN as a trade mark is invalid;
    (b)     OCN Credit4Learning is entitled to use the acronym OCN (including ‘ocn’ in lower case), the name OCN Credit4Learning and its domain name and its use of those names does not amount to trade mark infringement or passing off;
    (c)     OCN Credit4Learning is not entitled to use the Defendant’s Logo and shall not do so after 25th December 2015.

    A full copy of the judgment can be found at this link.



    New Industrial Partner


    We are please to announce our collaborative partner with mylearnadfriend.

    Click here to visit their website



    New Collaborative Partner


    We are please to announce our new collaborative partner with IATP (Independent Asbestos Training Provider). Click here to visit their website