Working with us

Working with Us

By working with us you are ensuring that the courses that you accredit remain unique and are delivered to your personal specifications. This is of crucial importance as it is you, as the training provider, who are the experts in your field. Accreditation with OCNCredit4Learning underpins your expertise.

As a member you will retain the direction of your courses by maintaining the style, method of delivery and assessment criteria whilst receiving the quality assurance and recognition of accreditation.

We work in partnership with you to embed quality assurance procedures leading to the successful external certification of your learners. You will find this process to be efficient, timely and engaging, focusing on your individual requirements.

OCN Credit4Learning can take your existing training through the processes of external validation/CPD and also offer programme development advice to support the design and processes of new incentives. We welcome innovative and creative ways of working and offer a flexible and supportive framework to explore these initial ideas.

Our training and consultancy services provide a variety of courses through a team of highly experienced trainers to suit the needs of both your organisation and your learners.

There are many different areas of provision and support at OCN Credit4Learning and we trust that you will easily be able to find what you are looking for.

Please note that online information and documentation is available for your convenience but does not seek to replace the personal relationships established between members and the team of OCN Credit4Learning. We are always happy to take your calls.