Accrediting Body – OCNCredit4Learning

OCNCredit4Learning has been established for over 30 years with its origins and constitution placed in the ground-breaking educational work of the Open College Network in the 1980’s. It is the only original group which still retains an exclusive bespoke focus on Accreditation whilst embedding best practice/sector specific regulations into course development. Aside from us being a registered company (04703401) we are also an established charity (1097093) and our mission statement is fundamentally focused upon increasing access to high quality education.

As a non-profit organisation we redistribute profit to support our more vulnerable members with their fees and formal certification of learning, such as community projects involved with mental health, domestic violence, homelessness and young people’s projects. We are also further certified (indeed commended) by UKAS (198810 BAB) as additional evidence of our robust systems and procedures. UKAS is the government appointed National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom.

We have developed Accreditation of the Beauty and Aesthetics sector considerably over the years and have a substantial portfolio of high quality training providers. We work closely with Local Authorities and our training providers have solid relationships with insurance companies. We are delighted to see that our endeavours to maintain the highest standard for best quality training, and ultimately safety, has been recognised by the JCCP ‘The JCCP very much applauds the approach adopted by OCNCredit4Learning’ (Professor David Sines CBE .PhD)

OCNCredit4Leanring has a solid reputation in a wide range of sectors, and within the beauty sector we follow exactly the same framework of adherence to sector regulations/best practice guidelines as OfQual – that of the framework promoted by the JCCP.

Tracey Bush
CEO OCNCredit4Learning
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