Joint Statement – OCNCredit4Learning and Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP)

The following quotes are taken from the ‘Standards to enter the JCCP Education and Training Providers Register’ September 2018

• “The JCCP recognises the critical importance of having a proficient workforce to assure public safety when seeking non-surgical cosmetic interventions and hair restoration surgery”

• “Education & training providers will submit information with supporting evidence to demonstrate how their course/ programme meet the defined JCCP/CPSA standards and enable participants to meet the core and modality specific competencies for safe practice for designated procedures”

• “When a course or programme is academically accredited, it is evaluated by a recognised accreditation organisation as being of a suitable quality and at the required educational level to enable achievement of the identified learning outcomes, encompassing knowledge, values, and practice based competence”

OCNCredit4Learning actively supports this when advising potential providers who may wish to submit courses / programmes for approval. We advise providers of the JCCP standards and why it is in their best interest to follow this guidance to ensure safe and effective practice, and patient / client safety.

The following quotes are taken from the ‘Competency Framework for Cosmetic Practice’ Copyright ©JCCP 2018

• “The JCCP was established to support public protection for those accessing non- surgical cosmetic procedures and hair restoration surgery”

• “The purpose of the competency framework is to define the required competencies of practitioners providing cosmetic treatments. The emphasis on required level of competency rather than role is intended to make clear to practitioners and the public what they are expected to be able to do to provide safe, accountable care to those requesting cosmetic interventions”

• “The JCCP register includes two different categories of practitioner, those with existing and current Professional Statutory & Regulatory Body (PSRB) registration, and those not currently regulated elsewhere”

Again, OCNCredit4Learning actively encourages all potential providers to make themselves familiar with this JCCP guidance.

Our core principle with regard to teaching, learning and assessment strategies is ‘patient / client safety’, and we promote and encourage this at all times.
‘The JCCP very much applauds the approach adopted by OCNCredit4Learning and encourages all education and training providers to adopt and implement a competence based approach to curriculum design and implementation that seeks to ensure trainee compliance with safe practice standards, underpinned by a robust and appropriate knowledge base, such as that published within the JCCP Competence Framework, 2018’.
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